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Days Inn and Suites Jennings

603 Holiday Drive

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Days Inn and Suites Jennings Located just off I-10, this hotel is 2 miles north of down Jennings, next to the Jennings Airport. The hotel features an on-site restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center.

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Price: 48 €
Rooms available123 rooms

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603 Holiday Drive, Jennings,  days-inn-and-suites-jennings_us_holiday-drive

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Alex Jennings, British actor
Asa Jennings, American who commanded the evacuation of refugees after the Great Fire of Smyrna
Billy Jennings (born 1952), English footballer
Billy Jennings (Welsh footballer) (1893–1968), Welsh footballer
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Christine Jennings, American politician
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Clyde Jennings (1916–2006), Florida philatelist
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Edward Harrington Jennings (born 1937), tenth president of Ohio State University
Edward L. Jennings (born 1968), Florida politician
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Elizabeth Jennings Graham (1830–1901), American black civil rights activist and teacher
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Gavin Jennings, Victorian Politician
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William Sherman Jennings (1863–1920), governor of Florida"

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